Fall 2018 St. Croix Valley Grappling Games will be

October 20th, 2018!

Hudson Middle School
1300 Carmichael Road, Hudson WI 54016

Friday October 19th: 6:30-8:30pm (all competitors)
Saturday October 20th: 8am Kids Registration                                                         9am Adults Registration

Adults: Please wait until 9am on Saturday so we can get the majority of kids weighed and bracketed and keep the tournament moving smoothly

Weigh ins take place immediately following individual registrations
**You DO NOT have to weigh in with your Gi**

Order of Events: (Times are subject to numbers of competitors

Kids No Gi
Teens No Gi
Kids Gi
Teens Gi
Kids Absolute Gi
Teens Absolute Gi
Women's No Gi
Men's Absolute No Gi
Master's No Gi
Women's Absolute No Gi
Men's No Gi
Women's Gi
Master's Gi
Women's Absolute Gi
Men's Gi
Men's Absolute Gi

We try to have highest ranks go first because we know many of you coach




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